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A little about Lola

Scottish by birth, then a Londoner for quite a long time, Lola now lives in Edinburgh with her wife and four cats. From there she has written three novels, a number of articles covering everything from theatre, to mental health, to politics. She is currently working on a screenplay alongside book number four!

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Lola's debut novel, The Music and the Mirror, is a wlw romance set in the world of professional ballet. Now, a year later, her second novel, Major Surgery, brings an enemies-to-lovers romance between surgeons set in a London hospital.

Web designer

The day job, or the part of her life that keeps the left brain, STEM-focused side happy. Having created a number of personal and business sites, it's been a chance to work with some amazing and very interesting people!


Very much the side hustle for now, but I'm thrilled to have placed pieces both in print and online so far. Whether writing about mental health, politics, or what's happening in your favourite soap, it's always a pleasure.


Anna is the newest member of an elite ballet company. Her first class with her mysterious idol, Victoria, almost ruins her career before it starts. When she shows she might be a potential star, Victoria chooses Anna to launch a new season around.

Now Anna must face down jealousy, sabotage and injury, not to mention navigate the circus of friends and lovers within the company. The pressure builds as she knows she must pour everything she has into opening night and prove to her rivals and herself that Victoria’s faith in her is not misplaced.

In the process, Anna discovers that she and the daring, beautiful Victoria have a lot more than a talent for ballet in common, and that not every thrilling dance can be found on stage.

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Major Surgery

Skilled surgeon Veronica Mallick runs her London hospital department like she runs her surgeries: with hawkish efficiency. Then her perfect world is turned upside down by the arrival of a new Head of Trauma.

Cassie Taylor is a brash, no-nonsense army surgeon, fresh from the front lines, and trying to find her way in civilian life. She’s all action and sharp edges, not too interested in rules. She’s even less interested in bureaucracy, or playing nice with her uptight, paper-pushing colleague, Veronica.

While they’re circling each other warily at St. Sophia’s hospital, Cassie becomes entangled in some shady financial dealings.

Their shared search for the truth draws them closer together, sparking heated moments as they try to see justice done. But in exposing a scandal, can they also find some common ground? How will they both deal with being attracted to a woman they don’t even like?

An enemies-to-lovers lesbian romance about sexy, smart doctors cutting to the heart of what matters.

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Those other projects

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    Contently portfolio

    A handy portfolio collection of my journalistic pieces and copywriting. Access it all here.

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    Nowt as Queer as Soap

    When long-running soap Emmerdale paired up Charity and Vanessa, it could have been a flash in the pan. Instead we have excellent queer women representation going from strength to strength, more than a year on.

    Here's how it all started.

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    The Language of Love

    Lola's short story, And The Bells Are Ringing Out, is featured in this festive anthology. Dive in for Hogmanay, red-haired vets, and our slightly lost pub landlady, Eden. You can buy it here on Amazon

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    Healthy, but Not at this Size

    A piece written for Marbles Mag, about the conflict between mental health and body positivity as a movement. Read it here.

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    Writing Residency

    With huge gratitude to Air Litteratur Götaland, I will be spending pretty much all of March in north-west Sweden. It's an unbelievable opportunity to work, write, and create away from the daily grind and its interruptions. Watch out on Instagram especially for updates.

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